About Webuzo

Webuzo is a multi-user web control panel built for hosting providers, resellers and website owners. It is a product of the Softaculous and Electron Technologies teams.

The official websites for Webuzo, Softaculous and Electron Technologies are https://www.webuzo.com/, https://www.softaculous.com/ and https://electron.co/ respectively.

The Webuzo developers are currently expanding and improving their web panel at an extremely quick rate. It is a relatively new product, but they are rapidly catch-up with the industry's more established providers.

About Webuzoops

Webuzooops, and the maintainers of this site, are not affiliated with Webuzo, Softaculous or Electron Technologies any further than being independent end-users of their software.

The accelerated development cycle currently in play at Webuzo is ideal for producing rapid feature improvements in their software, but it also understandably increases the likelihood of running into a few bugs or "oops" moments while using the product.

Regularly emailing the developers with bug reports, and then providing subsequent addendums and reminders related to those bug reports, is not an efficient feedback method.

Accordingly, this site is being maintained solely as a repository for verified and uncorrected bug reports related to the Webuzo web control panel software.

Visitors to the site are free to submit new bug reports, or mark existing bug reports as patched, via the "Submit a Bug" and "Mark as Solved" links or buttons.

If you encounter a Webuzo "oops" moment, please share the details of the bug with us.

All submissions will be manually verified before actioning.